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The Many Temples of Angkor in Siem Reap Cambodia

Originally posted on March 26, 2010 during my Big Trip to Southeast Asia In this post I am choosing to post some pictures instead of going into long descriptions of the various temples I saw during my two days touring Angkor. The common belief is that Angkor is just Angkor Wat, but that’s just one […]

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Angkor Wat, Laos, and Vietnam in 25 days: A Big Trip Itinerary

My Big Trip to Southeast Asia had all the diversity of any Indochina loop tour: temples of Angkor Wat, bike rides around the scenery of Laos, and Halong Bay and beach side bliss in Vietnam.

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Getting to Siem Reap, Cambodia from Bangkok

Lonely Planet screams warnings about not buying “scam bus trips” from Bangkok’s Khoa San Road to Siem Reap. Duly warned, I went to the Internet to find exactly how to get to Siem Reap and The Blog Travelfish.org published a helpful article detailing how to make the trip using public transportation and by-foot border crossings. […]

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