Meet Plan Go San Francisco – October 16, 2012

Meet Plan Go - San Francisco

Join dreamers, professionals, and world travelers on October 16, 2012 in San Francisco to learn how to take a career sabbatical to travel the world. For those who have Big Trips already planned in their head and are ready to break out beyond two-weeks of vacation a year, this program will inspire and educate you to live your travel dreams.

Friends and family may think you are a little crazy for wanting to leave one life to travel, but Meet Plan Go is a nationwide event started three years ago to give professionals a support network to plan and go on their big trip. For those returning home, it’s a resource to connect with other new travelers and share the incredible lessons and experiences from the Big Trip.

Last year, 150 people joined us and heard how world travelers’ left their lives behind, traveled the world, and came back enriched beyond their imagination.


At this event, we’ll inspire you with speakers and panelists who have taken their big trips.

Then, we’ll cover the “how tos” –

  • planning
  • budgeting
  • insurance
  • volunteering abroad
  • working abroad
  • airfare
  • group and solo travel
  • returning home

My Big Trips from 2008 to 2010 changed my life for the much, much better. My goal is to get every one out on their own big trip. Last year, I was a panelist and this hear, I’m the host. Learn more about my big trips.

The Importance of Support:

Read Recaps of Last Year:

  • This year’s panelist Kelly Wetherington was a volunteer last year and gave an excellent overview. We’re expecting many of the same travel highs this year! Read now
  • Questions I got on planning the big trip last year when I was a panelist: Read Now

How to Attend:

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Do you work for or know of a travel company who would like to speak to all these would be travelers? Check out the sponsorship opportunities.