Best Places to Stay in Paris for Solo Travelers

Paris Hotels for Solo Travelers

Paris is an ideal vacation spot for the solo traveler. Even though Paris has a reputation for Romance, one never really feels alone in this great European city. The solo traveler can sit in cafes with a book or spend hours wandering the great museums of the world. One also can find company by staying in neighborhoods that are easy to wander around by popping in friendly stories or visiting the same restaurant each morning. Here are my recommendations on solo- traveler friendly hotels in Paris.

Hotel le Lapin Blanc

This comfortable and friendly hotel with wifi and air conditioning is near the storied “Latin Quarter” or 5th Arrondissement. Staying here is a trip through history to modern times – one can walk in the footsteps of ancient Romans, Hemingway, and the Barefoot Contessa Ina Garten (her favorite cheese shop Androuet is in the same neighborhood) The area is also home to the Sorbonne, the famous Parisian university, so there is an exciting vibe to become a part of.

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Hotel du Cadran

Most of Paris’ beauty is seen in two kinds of pictures – those slate gray, black roofed Hausman buildings of Paris or the misty views of the Eiffel Tower. Hotel du Cadran offers both! It’s a hotel in one of those classic Parisian buildings and near Eiffel Tower. Plus, it’s is located in the 7th Arrondissement, very near the main street Rue Cler, made famous as home to one of Julia Child’s preferred farmer’s markets. A stay here is like staying in a postcard of Paris.

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Hotel Joke

This hotel’s name is unfortunate, but its location and amenities are not. This fun (pun intended) hotel is right in the heart of the 9th Arrondissement. From here, you can go up the hill through Montmartre to Sacre Coeur or down the hill along the excellent-to-stroll-down street Rue des Martyrs all the way to the Seine. It’s a great place to stay in a central and entertaining part of Paris.

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Hotel Le Burgundy Paris

Hotel Le Burgundy is a gorgeous hotel. It’s on the luxurious side for prices, but if you have the means, then I can recommend it. This stunning boutique hotel is located right near all the other chi-chi hotels like the Plaza Athenee and the Mandarin Oriental in the 1st Arrondissement. It’s the type of hotel where you may have a hard time leaving, but since it’s Paris, you will. And you’ll love coming back at the end of a sight-seeing day to swim in the serene pool and dine at a Michelin Star restaurant. So go ahead and treat yourself!

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An Apartment from Airbnb

Airbnb is also a great alternative for the solo traveler. Try staying in a shared apartment or renting a room. Read about how to rent an apartment in Paris> 

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