Four Videos From a Kenyan Safari

Getting this close to wildlife is surreal – I’ve been describing it as “like Jurassic Park” to my friends and family. You know that scene when the scientists roll over the hill in their Land Rover and see the Brontosaurus dinosaurs? Laura Dern stands and rises through the roof of the truck, slowly and in awe, the mouths gaping open at what they are seeing.

That’s what a safari feels like. It’s jaw-dropping, can’t believe your eyes, awe. I’d only seen these animals in pictures and the movies and then they were feet in front of me. Here are some videos I took that show you how close I was to wildlife and how close they were to me.

Cape Bufffalo Follow the Leader on the Masai Mara, Kenya

Rare! Hippo Crossing Plain During the Day – Masai Mara, Kenya

Lion Defending His Kill From Other Lion at Nairobi National Park

Male Elephant Faces Off In Masai Mara, Kenya

*Full disclosure: My trip is a “familiarization trip” that I am taking on behalf of my employer GeoEx, a high-end, adventure travel company. I am on a customized tour and experiencing the country through hotels, food, and activities as our guests would. These views on the blog are my own.

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