San Francisco A-Z: The Haight Ashbury Edition A-F 1/2

“Settling down” is often a dirty word for travelers. We view it as giving up and giving over to a more traditional, sedentary life. I like to think of my life in San Francisco right now as “settling in.” There are some roots growing, true, but the desire and need to travel is always present. The Big Trips are out there – like my upcoming safari in May – but little adventures are necessary to keep the travel groove going while feeling at home.

Luckily, San Francisco is the stage for many possible adventures that can evoke the traveler in all of us. At a recent Waypost Travel Talk Series, I met a fellow traveler who shares the same desire to travel near and local. This past Saturday, O and I headed out to the Haight Ashbury neighborhood for a little adventure. We ┬áboth love to take pictures, so we decided to capture elements of the neighborhood in alphabetical fashion. We made a small guideline for ourself – keep moving forward to follow the alphabet. And we let the day and adventure unfold. I got to F, O got to G, so we called it a day at “F & 1/2.”

Here are my pictures from our local adventure.

A is for Ashbury Street

haight ashbury

B is for Brussel Sprouts at the Haight Street Market


B is for Bloody Mary at Martin Mack’s

Martin Mack's

C is for Coffee at Stanza Coffee House


and these women are C for Content

Coffee at Stanza

D is for The Dead at Amoeba Music Store

Amoeba Music

E is for Eggs at Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods

F is for Flowers at the Conservatory of Flowers

We challenged each other to take pictures that were more uncommon shots of flowers. Being the start of spring, we found flowers in various phases of their lives and wanted to capture the changes instead of the blooms.




flowers2_takeyourbigtrip Flower Conservatory

This adventure made me crave more close-to-home trips and revealed details of the neighborhood that I would not catch in passing. Overall a worthy “little trip” and I can’t wait to complete the alphabet throughout the city.

Gooooo Travel!


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