Three Types of Travel New Year’s Resolutions for 2011

Ok, the champagne has been popped, the New Year rung in, and people kissed at midnight. 2011 is now here and life goes on. But what about those resolutions you made? You know the one where this is the year you travel. This is the one you talked about on New Year’s Eve? The one where you said,  “it’s really time. “

But now what?  Don’t worry, there are three types of Travel New Year’s Resolutions to make this year: intend, plan, and travel. Each a different level of commitment, but commitment to yourself and to your travel dreams nonetheless. Pick one and know… you have this year and the next and the next to act on it and who knows what will happen – you will actually take your dream Big Trip.

New year's resolution

Resolution Type #1: To Intend.

This resolution is nothing more and nothing less than a statement, a verbalization of your travel dreams. It’s to say, “Yes I intend to travel.” The actions following this resolution may include tearing pictures out of magazines, posting them on your wall, and smiling to yourself when you go to sleep knowing that someday, you will travel.

You may not know where you want to go, but darn it you want to go and resolving to do something about it is a very important first step. Some articles to help you get started on intending to travel: Create your own Big Trip.

Resolution Type #2: To Plan.

New Year's Resolution

There’s boldness in planning and it’s how the ship turns to live your travel dreams. This resolution is when you move beyond the intention statement to actually planning and putting some stakes in the ground (or the exact opposite actually). Some actions that may follow this resolution are buying the backpack, checking out destination books at the library, telling your friends that you’re planning, and clicking that “purchase” button on the airlines web site.

At this phase, you know where you want to go, you’ve perhaps checked out those books at the library before and have bookmarked all the airline sites. This is the activity of making your commitment to actually act. Of course, the safety of knowing you can always change plans exists…However, if travel is in your heart and now you’re actually doing something about it, you are going to travel.  And everything conspires to do so once the planning begins. On a practical note: check out the article “Estimating a Big Trip budget” to begin the financial side of planning to take your Big Trip.”

Resolution Type #3: To Travel

New Year's Resolution

Your tickets are booked, your plans are in motion and this is the year you travel. Congratulations! This may not feel like a resolution because everything’s in place and the plans are set. Still, it is. Until you touch down on the foreign soil, there a lot of practicing the courage you’ve developed to live your travel dreams. There are the actual good byes of family and friends that hold a window to what you are leaving when you travel.  There’s your mother sending you links to the bus crash or religious stampede in the very country you’ll be visiting. There’s the bank account with not much coming in and a whole lot going out (a note: you really do need that nice backpack.)

There’s also something that I’ve had happen several times when leaving to travel on my Big Trips: the Universe testing to make sure I’m really serious about leaving what I know behind and living my travel dreams. It’s happened like this: with tickets booked, bags packed, good byes almost said someone from former workplace calls and says, “Any chance you’re available…” I’ll admit it.  I’ve paused; I’ve actually paused one week before a Big Trip and considered putting it off for the extra work and bucks with rationalizations that I’d be able to travel longer. This is where I’ve actually resolved what I was doing and lived up to my resolution to travel.

So Get Going…and Resolve to Travel

New Year's Resolutions

It’s funny all the things that fall into place once you speak aloud these resolutions and actually resolve to follow your travel dreams.  Even if your trip is in 2012 or 2013 and beyond…by making one of these resolutions, you’re setting things in motion to live your travel dreams and take your own Big Trip.

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