This is the year you travel

this is the year you travel

I saw this framed picture in the front an Indian  bus I was riding to Allahabad. It was during the first week of my first Big Trip to India. I was still in disbelief that I was a) in India and b) living my travel dreams. Then I say this quote and felt a warm surge through my heart.

“Believe that you are born and given this life only to be happy.”

What if this were true? I thought to myself. What if this day, and the next and all that I do in each one is just along the path to happiness? This was a new, yet brilliant thought for me. If this was true, then I could let go of all the guilt and bad feelings around quitting my job, traveling to India just to do it, and not looking back. What a relief!

It’s two years later now from that first India trip and a new year is beginning. I post this quote and memory to remind myself that life has this purpose, and what a perfect purpose it is.

As the clock struck midnight, it was the time of year to make resolutions and goals and think about what you want 2011 to look like. The magazines are trying to help with headlines shouting: “New Year! New You.” Chirpy voices on commercials preach new ways to get thinner, richer, and happier. And each year, about this time, you’ve said to yourself, ok this is it, this is the year I travel. And now it’s here.

I can tell, you’re here at this blog because you have that desire and you can’t ignore it anymore. The voice you hear is not the one of the new Jenny Craig spokeswoman nor the financial experts on CNBC with their crystal-ball guesses. The voice you hear is your own and it’s speaking from your heart.

So write it down. This year… This year I take my dream trip… This year I travel. You may know where, but not when. No matter,  it’s time to make this year about you, and believe that if it makes you happy, then that’s the only reason you need.


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