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This InterWeb thing is the greatest thing for the traveler. I’m not confined to the books available at my local library or advice from non-like minded travelers (really, I hate cruises and don’t want to know anymore about them.) Here are my foundational, go to links that I use whenever I start to think TRIP and TRAVEL and planning that Big Trip.

RTW Planning travel links

I always recommend them to friends as a place to start after you know where you want to go and have a Big Trip forming in your head.

Go to links: The day dream site for the around the world traveler as you can plan your trip around the world and it seems POSSIBLE. I check airfares here and then go to the airlines site to book to ensure good customer service (which actually happens on airlines, believe it or not jaded traveler.
Boots N All web site: Excellent articles on witty and profound RTWtravel topics with a bonus open editorial policy. I even have an article published on there about my experiences in Mumbai after the 26/11 attacks.
Lonely Planet’s web site: The grandparent site of budget travel. Excellent resources, but my favorite is the Thorn Tree for questions and quick answers from the worldwide travel community.
Trip Advisor: It’s the product review sites for hotels and cities around the world. Not too great for backpacker digs, but then I use Lonely Planet or GASP – ask other travelers.

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