Top Five San Francisco Spots to Feel Like a Local

San Francisco

Adam is a bona fide SF local and new neighbor. He treated me to lunch today at the very quaint South Park Cafe.  I’ve known him for over five years when we started to work together as agency and client partners. Adam is thoughtful and very knowledgeable in work and leisure so I knew his answers to the question, “What are the Top 5 Activities in San Francisco?” would be good ones.

Here they are.  And family who reads this, we will definitely be visiting some of these.

  1. The finest restaurant is Gary Danko. It’s on all the top lists, but here’s the catch. Per Adam, you have to get in a “New York state of mind,” which means grab these great eats at 9:30 or 10:00 and eat at the bar.
  2. Glen Park Canyon is a canyon right in the city. Right behind Glen Park, there’s a huge canyon opening up mid-city and allowing residents hiking and a great place to walk dogs.
  3. Visit the new, huge, and very green Academy of Sciences. Hillary Clinton was at the opening of this massive compound to all things science and it’s all under a “living roof.”
  4. Eat at places on this one block of Mission Street and you won’t be sorry. Between 25th and 26th street, three excellent eateries reside: La Taqueria where you get the chicken or carne asada taco; Mission Pies for the banana creme pie; and Old Jerusalem where you order the stuffed falafel and nothing else.
  5. See a Giants game only as you can in SF. On Kayaks. Rent kayaks and paddle into McCovey cove in the bay just on the other side of the right field wall.

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