How to Make Bedoiun Tea

This must take place at a campfire in a desert, or at least by a campfire. The tea, strong Arabian tea. Bring lots of sugar and fresh mint picked from your garden. The tools are little enamel mugs and a small cast iron teakettle. They are brought to the desert in a perfectly organized woven basket.

How to Make Bedouin Tea

1. Next to the fire, build a little sand table by patting sand flat and hardening with water. Place the mugs on top of the flat surface.
2. Fill the teapot with loose tea, about 3/4 full and top off with water. You are cooking the tea, which makes it stronger and richer than steeping.
3. After five minutes, add about 3 handfuls of sugar. Throw remaining sugar from hands into the fire.
4. As tea cooks, rinse the small mugs by swishing water around in them and pouring the water contents into the next mug. Do this for the circle of mugs and repeat as necessary for how many mugs.
5. The tea will come to a boil and cook. While waiting the fifteen minutes for the tea to cook, grab some hashish and smoke it out of a homemade bong or cigarette (note to parents: Although offered, I declined.)
6. When tea boils, remove the pot from the fire and pour into cup. Taste. If good, pour to tea into the little mugs at a foot height.
7. Pass out the first round of tea.
8. The second round of tea is the one with mint. The strong tea is now diluted and the mint replaces some of the strength with the sweet flavor.
9. Fill the teapot with water and more sugar and cook. When read to serve, add the mint.
10. Fill the mugs a second or third time with dramatic flourish and enjoy your tea in the desert.

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