Seven Different Types of Egyptian Desert

There were seven types of deserts that I visited today on the group trip out to the White Desert, several hours drive south from the Baharia Oasis.
Egyptian desert

This tour is a popular tourist tour that can be arranged through any budget hotel in Egypt. It includes two nights at a local lodge and one tour of the White Desert. I found, though, that the White Desert is only one kind of desert in Egypt. Check out these stunning six other kinds of Egyptian desert.

Black Desert

Egyptian desert

Charcoal silt over yellow sands with plateau mountains rising up from the flat plains.

Yellow Desert

Egyptian desert

Great rifts of sand over craggy crusty landscape.

Crystal Desert


Delicate white quartz rocks that peaked through the ground like gem and jeweled plants. The clear spears were smoothed and shingled spikes close to the rocky ground. At the top, round white pebbles that were worn down by wind and time replaced the sharp formations.

The Crystal Mountain


A prehistoric reptile like rock formation with a natural bridge and grooves and ridges to match the ancient water then wind flows that carved it into the stone.

The High Desert


A desert at higher elevation with round stone monuments rising out of the sand like Chinese sailing ships. We saw them suddenly over a valley and were stunned at the drama of their appearance.

The White Desert

White Desert Egypt

White stone statues that looked like modern art sprouted out of the sand. They had funny names to match their shapes: The mushroom and the chicken, which looked like, a mushroom and a chicken. The White Desert was our home for the night. Snow capped sand mounds where the white rock created the illusion of a recent snow dusting. The large white rocks lined a ring around our sand campsite for the night where we slept under the stars.

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  1. September 20, 2011 at 2:21 pm #

    Gorgeous shots…wow! I love them all, especially the Crystal Desert. Lovely!

    • Kristin
      September 25, 2011 at 6:13 am #

      Thank you Lisa!

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