Just booked my trip!

Yesterday I finished all my bookings. I now understand why travel agents still have a place in the marketplace/commerce structure today. They can wade through all the travel sites, prices, conditions, deals, and fees and next time, I’ll be happy to pay them. My morning was four hours of booking my plane tickets and there’s all that back of the mind thought, “Did I pay too much?” or “can I trust this airline?”

I felt drawn to go to Istanbul and then on to Spain and Morocco after Jordan and Egypt. This trip, over three months, is truly my dream trip. I remember when the thought first came to me, the heart’s desire that now is coming into reality. My old boss and now friend, Gayla, and I were eating lunch at the cafeteria in the Newman Center’s basement on campus. It was our lunch hour and we came here often for the three dollar rice and beans, which was my first introduction to my now favorite condiment, pico de gallo.

We were talking about favorite trips. My brain still had the separation between what I wanted and what I could actually do. Gayla mentioned that her dream trip was to go around the Mediterranean see. A shiver passed through my body, that sounded like an AMAZING trip. Fast forward five or so years and I would sit in the office of my two bedroom apartment and just surf the Internet, planning this trip, not knowing when I would ever take it or ever have the money to do so. But still, I plotted the countries, the tour groups, the destinations that I would go to.

Now, after having worked a month and been laid off unexpectedly, I just booked all my plane tickets to the places that truly matter. With a budget, I dug deep and found the places that really meet the tug of my heart. It’s really my dream trip and every place is perfect, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Spain and Morocco. Oh my, just typing these places makes me happy. I’ll do it again. Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Spain and Morocco. Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Spain and Morocco. And I’m not even cutting and pasting.

Sometimes fears come up and tighten my throat – like some how I won’t have the perfect trip or I’ll miss something or the planes won’t leave on time. But these are unnecessary and baseless fears. Everything will be perfect. That doesn’t mean by plan or without mistakes and stress, but it truly will be perfect. And every time these fears creep up like spiders, I take a deep breath and relax, it is what it is and my trip is going to be, what my old friend Kristine calls, a ‘whole notha levah.”

How I booked my trips:
I used a combination of airline sites and consolidators like Orbitz.com and Expedia.com. I would go to Kayak.com first to find prices and then buy them through the airline if I could. I thought about using Airtreks.com but the prices were comparable on my own.


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