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FAQs About Long-Term Travel: What You Need To Know Before Planning A Big Trip

Job, money, health, and family… These are the topics of frequently asked questions I ...
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How to Plan a Big Trip: A Step By Step Guide To Living Your Travel Dreams

When I left one life to travel the world on my first big trip ...

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SXSW Workshop image

Take Your Big Trip Workshop at SXSW Interactive

I thought it would be hard to have 60+ tech folks heads down for a few hours of dreaming and planning their big trip, but these mobile-phone, tweeting, maximizing people dove right in – with earnest and curiosity – at the Take Your Big Trip Workshop at SXSW Interactive in Austin. We worked together through […]

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Climb Mountains

What Should I Do with My Life? How to Find the Answer with Travel

That’s a big question. That may be THE question. It’s a question with an answer of the essential meaning and purpose of your life. Each life is unique and we are here on Earth with a purpose as individual as our DNA. Dr. Viktor Frankl, a Jewish psychiatrist who survived four concentration camps and wrote […]

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What Apps Do I Get For My Trip? The Must-Have Travel Apps

The smartphone seems to be a part of every traveler’s packing list. Its ubiquity is matched by the ubiquity of Wi-Fi availability in the furthest reaches of the planet. If it’s not, then there’s an international data plan available to add to your monthly bill that makes sure your iPhone or Android is always connected while […]

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The 25th Kiva Fellow Class

Making an Impact with International Volunteering: An Interview with the Kiva Fellows Program

Making an impact and finding your purpose – these are two mantras I hear frequently when speaking at travel events or talking with future travelers about their big trip. In addition to seeing the world, mid-career professionals want to put their hard-earned skills to good use during their months or years abroad. A lot of […]

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What to Pack for a Trip to Bhutan

My packing staging area for my Bhutan trip took up the entire couch. My mother would model possible outfit choices on our video chats. We sent emails back and forth debating the one question – what to pack for our trip to Bhutan? There were so many considerations. Bhutan has several climates from alpine mountains […]

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Visiting Bhutan: Top Ten Travel Highlights

Visiting Bhutan is like taking a breath of fresh air. The inhale fills with alpine energy and the exhale floats on the valley wind. The landscape is full of mountainous valleys, glacial rivers, and terraced rice fields. It’s a country that has a benevolent monarchy and a newborn democracy. Bhutan is most famous for the […]

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Jill Robinson with Crocodile

How to Become a Travel Writer: An Interview with Jill Robinson

It’s the dream isn’t it? To get paid and travel the world? To escape the cubicle life and go out into the great world and somehow make a living at it? I get many questions from travelers on how to work in the travel industry. Being a travel writer is one of the ways to […]

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Crossroads - Photo by David Yu

How to Talk to Your Boss About Taking Time Off To Travel: An Expert’s Advice

Photo on Flickr by David Uy Pinterest board of all the places you dream about: Pinned, shared, and followed. Lonely Planets – stacked on the shelf, organized by region. Travel magazines AFAR, Condé Nast Traveler, National Geographic Traveler– torn up and dog-eared, a page or two tacked to a board or on the fridge. Screen saver […]

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Kristen on the river

4 Ways to Get the Most Out of a Big Trip: Plan for Lasting Happiness

“Follow your bliss,” wrote modern philosopher Joseph Campbell.  And we do – big trip travelers know that our bliss is out there in the great big world and we travel to find it. There’s bliss residing just in the fact that we are out there and traveling. Our bliss is on the Andean mountaintops of […]

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Photo by Dario

Make Friends and Eat in the Homes of Locals with CozyMeal and EatWith

It was just before the dessert course and the thumpy EMD music got a little louder. It was loud enough for me to join our host Rebecca in a little post-dinner dancing. We moved around the long, rectangle dining table, pulling our dinner companions up to their feet to dance with us. All 11 of […]

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