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Take Your Big Trip™ is a web site of resources to help you start planning your big trip around the world.

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What is a Big Trip?

It’s a multi-month or multi-year adventure to more than one destination that requires you to leave a part of your life behind. You can do it solo, with friends, a boyfriend/girlfriend, partner, spouse, or with your family. A big trip can also be a combination of all of these.

“There is only one way to learn,” said the Alchemist. “It is through action. Everything you need to know you have learned through your journey.” – Paulo Coelho

Sometimes known as a gap year, a Big Trip is specific to one taken after college, usually when travelers are mid-career or at the end of one phase in their lives and ready to start another one. The trips range in budget and are mostly funded by savings. I have never met anyone who has won the lottery or come from extreme wealth. The trip planning begins when the traveler chooses to consciously set aside their fears and take action.

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Why Take a Big Trip?

The purpose of such a trip can be many things – to see the world, to start over, to live a dream, or to do it before “settling down.” It’s entirely personal. The most important piece of “luggage” to bring on a big trip is openness to learn, experience, and witness the world – all in hopes that it will change you in a better way. I believe that long-term travel makes a person more compassionate, wise, and a better global citizen.

This web site is based on my own experiences as well as what I’ve learned teaching and learning from hundreds of long-term, around the world travelers over the past 6 years, including at SXSW 15.

My own big trips have included time in India, Paris, Morocco, Egypt, Italy, Vietnam, Ethiopia, and more.

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Start Planning Your Own Big Trip

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If you would like help in planning your own big trip, I offer three types of services to get you from your dream to your departure day:

  • Take Your Big Trip™ Itineraries: A custom itinerary of where to go, how long to stay there, and what to do based on your travel dreams, budget, and time.
  • Take Your Big Trip™ Travel Coaching: 5 and 10 hour blocks of consulting with 2-3 Skype sessions to answer any and all of your questions about planning a Big Trip, including destination advice.
  • Take Your Big Trip™ Travel Budget: A custom budget number and savings plan based on your trip itinerary.

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Attended the SXSW Interactive “How to Take Your Big Trip: Make a Plan to Travel the World?”

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