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Best RTW Travel Planning Articles for Your Own Big Trip

Travel planning is half the fun and half the battle of getting ...
Live your travel dreams!

A Travel Pep Talk: You Can Live Your Travel Dreams

“Believe in yourself and you can do anything.” Or “Put your mind ...
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Best International Volunteering Advice, Resources, and Experiences

International volunteering while on a Big Trip is a great way to ...

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Travel’s Greatest Gift: Home

*A NOTE* I’ve gotten a few questions after this post from friends asking, “Does this mean you’re not traveling anymore?” The answer is hells no. I’ll always be a traveler, but now I’m one with a home. Travel is not my lifestyle , it’s actually my job as I work for a travel company now. [...]

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Dinner at Jims

How to Make Friends in Paris: A Guide

I’m sitting at a Paris cafe, using many kilobytes of my 300 megabytes international data plan whats-apping friends with messages like, “I just saw a guy in a 49ers cap and thought of you! :))” and sending emails like, “I really wish you were here in Paris with me. No really, not just an empty [...]

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Where to Eat in Paris: A Curated List of Restaurants to Try

Part of my intention with Paris trip is to experience La Bonne Vie, specifically the quality of the Parisian life (as opposed to the quantity associated with the American life). For me, that quality is seen in the restaurants in Paris. For my upcoming time in Paris, I looked to inspiration from authors, critics, residents, chefs, [...]

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Apartments in Paris

How to Book an Apartment in Paris

“Living Like a Local” is a popular topic in the travel press. Travelers not only want to visit a city or country, they want to “experience it as the locals do.” As an outsider, this may never be truly possible, but perhaps this is another way of saying that, “as a traveler, I want to [...]

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Indian Women

Should I Travel to India? I Used to Say Yes

In December 2012, Jyoti Singh Pandey, known to the world as The Delhi Rape Victim, died of injuries to her intestines. Think about that what that means. I won’t go into detail, but needless to say, it is a truly horrific way to die and from the most violating injuries. I felt intense sorrow for [...]

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lion in kenya

A City Girl Goes on Safari

A lion roar in the wild doesn’t sound like the canned MGM announcement shown at the start of movies. The onscreen roar was a full-on, open mouth, crecsendo-ed announcement. With a little “take that, I’m a lion.” at the end. In the Kenyan bush, lions emit a roar that is low in tone, a guttural [...]

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lion in kenya

Four Videos From a Kenyan Safari

Getting this close to wildlife is surreal – I’ve been describing it as “like Jurassic Park” to my friends and family. You know that scene when the scientists roll over the hill in their Land Rover and see the Brontosaurus dinosaurs? Laura Dern stands and rises through the roof of the truck, slowly and in [...]

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Kristin at ECF

A Visit to the Ethiopia Children’s Fund School through the Muskoka Foundation

I received a ping on a Facebook post about my upcoming trip to Ethiopia by Alice Gugelev, one of the co-founders of the Muskoka/Do Good as You Go Foundation. She asked if I’d like to be connected with one of the partner organizations in Ethiopia during my trip. I was interested –  I had profiled [...]

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The Celebration of St. Michael in Lalibela, Ethiopia

Women covered head to toe in white cotton pressed their entire bodies full-frontal into the red rock wall. They kissed it, chanted, and stood. I was trying to weave past their bodies and a cloud of more mobile worshippers. Our passage to the church was a four and a half foot tall opening in the [...]

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House of the Holy Savior

Sacred Blessings at Lalibela, Ethiopia

“Get up there! Get up there! Quickly, quickly! ” my guide Samarawhit (Sam) urged in a loud whisper. “What? What?” I questioned back just as urgently. Quick was not a speed I was able to do easily at the moment. I was moving very slowly because I had sprained my ankle at the beginning of [...]

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